Diabetes, Celiac Disease and Me!

The incidence of Type 1 Diabetes and Celiac Disease occurring together is about 7 - 12% in persons with either Celiac Disase or Diabetes. Both diseases are found in the same region on a specific HLA gene. Many other autoimmune diseases can also be found at this location, giving rise to increased susceptibility to a number of "associated diseases."

This booklet is designed as an introduction to living with both diseases. Some find a diagnosis of diabetes and celiac disease overwhelming. They think of one diet being restrictive and two just being 'too much.' Diabetes, Celiac Disease and Me is designed to show that with planning and the help of a medical and diabetes care team, that soon two diets become one and life is once again do-able. "Diabetes, Celiac Disease and Me" is not meant to replace your medical team.

The material is easy reading, without extensive technical information. A chart showing Carbohydrate information of some Gluten free foods is provided, as well as other valuable resources.Our dream included making this a free publication to persons needing it. "Diabetes, Celiac Disease and Me" is available here (click below) and from the Gluten Intolerance Group at www.gluten.net/programs.asp.

Discounted printing allows us to offer this booklet for $10.00 each or $6.00 for bulk orders of 10 or more. Booklets may now be ordered through the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG) by calling 206-246-6652; fax 206/246-6531. Checks, money orders, Visa and MasterCard are accepted. Make checks payable to: GIG/DCME and mail to: GIG, 15110 10 Ave SW, Suite A, Seattle WA 98166-1820.

Watch for the companion piece 'A Diet for Diabetes and Celiac Disease: Carbohydrate and Exchanges for Gluten-Free Foods' which will contain detailed diet information and an extensive carbohydrate listing of gluten-free foods.

About the Authors:
Some years ago, the authors found their paths crossing. Realizing they were working on two similar projects, they formed a team and 'Diabetes, Celiac Disease and Me' was born.

Cynthia Kupper, RD, CD (former diabetes educator) and Executive Director of the Gluten Intolerance Group® was working on education material for patients with diabetes and celiac disease. She had been field-testing her project when she met the other authors. Janet Rinehart, Houston Chapter Chairman and CSA Former President; Sara Jones, and Lynn Samuels, LPN (living with both diseases) were developing a survey to determine the need of persons with diabetes and celiac disease. They were at a point to decide the next step.

To download the file:
Downloadable Free PDF   You must have Acrobat Reader to open this file. Acrobat Reader is a free download program. The booklet is 37 pages - it may take time to download it. If you have trouble and want a hard copy, please send $10.00 to cover cost of printing and mailing.

We value your comments:
While the booklet has been field tested by persons with diabetes and CD, reviewed by diabetes educators, physicians, nurses and dietitians, we value your comments. You may tell us what you think by email to Cynthia at admin@gluten.net or Janet at txjanet@swbell.net.


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Updated 12May03